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Hey, I'm sorry if it sounds like I am complaining, but I entered my survey on this site in April, and I still haven't been stamped or have even gotten a vote as a character since somewhere around then... So I am just asking that maybe one or two people can vote for me or if I can get stamped or something. Sorry to randomly post this, and sorry for complaining.

Watashi wa...C-Genome ka? Ara ara...komatta desu ne.

Harro~! I've started watching the Ayashi no Ceres anime a few weeks ago and I've read the manga till volume 4 so far, I've always been a big fan of Yuu Watase and well, this is just one of her most wonderful series, if I might say so! ^_____^ (FYI: My girlfriend recommended it to me and I'm pretty glad she did ^^)
Yosh! Let's go!

Wheee~!Collapse )
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